This is Halloween, Week 4 (Every Day is Halloween) – Episode 72

The Watson Brothers conquer October, with Duane, the Underdog, Watson tackling 44 films, to David’s 37. Listen to them chat about what they watched.

But first, Duane goes into seeing mewithoutYou in Austin, while the boys both discuss John Carpenter’s Anthology album, and the latest from Liam Gallagher “As You Were”. They also chat about Warner Brothers/Amazon contemplating a redo of The Lord of the Rings.

Shoe Coble stops in for a minute to discuss what turns out to be a common fear, and much more!

Listen and enjoy!

Watch.Read.Listen. Theme (Curse These Evil Octopi) written and performed by Duane Watson; Manipulated by David Watson

The kiddo on the intro and outro is Dalton Coble-Watson (produced by Shoe Coble and David Watson).

Music: Ministry – Just One Fix; Ministry – Every Day (Is Halloween)


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