Episode 64 – GET OUT!

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Duane and David tackle Jordan Peele’s 2017 breakout film, Get Out. They try their best to unpack the film as a couple of white dude’s who grew up in the south. They find a lot to love about the film, and even discuss how smart it is that Peele didn’t go the didactic route with his socio-political film.


Duane: The Handmaid’s Tale (book, and Hulu Series; DJ Cumberbund; Nerdwriter – Superheroes Get Old; Interview  with Cory Doctorow; Logan NOIR

David: Twin Peaks – The Return (first 4 episodes); The Keeper’s (first 5 episodes)

Promos: Cinema PSYOPS; The Psychosemanticast; The Little Pod of Horrors

Music: Faith No More – Get Out; At The Drive-In – Invalid Litter Dept.

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