Episode 62 – I Am One With The Force, The Force Is With Me

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David, and Duane, dive head first into the first non-saga entry in the Star Wars universe with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. They discuss story elements they like, where they think a more interesting story might lie, and shoe-horning in characters so that you can clap when they appear on screen. They also shoe-horn in a little discussion on Star Wars: The Last Jedi (because everyone else is…so why not).


Duane: Mr. Sunday Movies – The Last Jedi; Better Call Saul, Season Two; Channel Zero: Candle Cove; Dimension 404; Mother Tongue by Bill Bryson; The Choir – Wide Eyed Wonder Live

David: Better Call Saul, Season Two; Carnage Park; The Nerd Crew by Red Letter Media

Promos: The Hail Ming Power Hour; Short Bus Cinema

And check out a bunch of other great podcast at Legion Podcasts!

MUSIC: David Bowie – Heroes; Oasis – Heroes



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