The Many Tales of the Black Cat – Episode 36

In this episode of Watch.Read.Listen., we discuss Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Black Cat” and three adaptations of Poe’s short story by Roger Corman (in 1962’s Tales of Terror), Dario Argento (in 1990’s Two Evil Eyes), and Stuart Gordon (in Masters of Horror Season 2). What is the fundamental nature of a story: plot, character, theme? How can a story with little plot be adapted?

This Week:

Duane – The Office (UK), Star Ship Sofa 449 – “Folding Beijing” by Hao Jingfang and “His Fordship in the Capital and Big Brother in the Districts” by Amy H. Sturgis,

David – The Last Podcast on the Left, and The Nice Guys (2016) directed by Shane Black

Promo: Cinema PsyOps – You can hear David on Episode 54 discussing Stephen King’s It (1990)

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