Man is the Warmest Place to Hide – Episode 26

In this episode of Watch.Read.Listen., we discuss John W. Campbell Jr.’s novella “Who Goes There?” and it’s film adaptations: 1951’s The Thing from Another World, 1982’s John Carpenter’s The Thing, and (briefly) 2011’s The Thing (prequel to Carpenter’s film). We also discuss the audio short story “The Things” by Peter Watts, which explores the events of John Carpenter’s The Thing from the perspective of the alien.

In our This Week segment:

Duane: George A. Romero’s Knightriders (on the Shout TV Roku app; trailer), Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma (on Crunchyroll)

David: Jonah Ray’s Hidden America (first episode on YouTube for free) and The Canon’s episode on Ed Wood (with Jonah Ray)

There are several ways to read Campbell’s original novella out there. Amazon has a Kindle version that pairs with the Audible narration (for $2.99 extra). There is also a PDF of the Astounding Science Fiction issue here, or a flip book here from the Pulp Magazines Project.

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