It’s on Random Pt 1 – Episode 24

WRL LogoAfter six months (!) of Watch.Read.Listen., we begin Season 2 with a multi-topic discussion of things we watched, read, or listened to that don’t yet warrant their own episodes. In Part 1, we start with our This Week segment, and then dive into two Captain America – related controversies: #GiveCapABoyfriend and #SayNoToHydraCap. In both of these, the crux of the argument is how much artists should or should not cater to their audiences. Our general conclusion is that artists should be allowed to create their art, and that if people want greater representation in media, they should start creating that media. We also find the attacks on creators to be ridiculous, unwarranted, and in some cases scary. Check out Devin Faraci’s article “Fandom is Broken” for a great analysis of the issues of social media access to creators and fandom’s use of that access.

In our This Week segment:

Duane (and his wife, Jen) watched Circle (2015) and Before I Go To Sleep (2015) (both on Netflix), and he read the introduction to Harlan Ellison’s short-story collection Strange Wine.

David read Southern Bastards by Jason Aaron and Jason LatourVelvet by Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting, watched The 60s and The 70s documentaries on CNN, and Listened to the World Balloon podcast discussion and interview with Nick Spencer (writer on the “controversial” Captain America: Steve Rogers #1) .

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