Ballad of the Fanboys (Nerd Smash) – S01E22

In this episode of Watch.Read.Listen., we discuss the issues with Fanboys, arguing for more inclusiveness in the various fan cultures. We break down four main problems that we’ve observed both in others and ourselves: 1) fan tribalism, 2) gatekeepers, 3) “cheer pressure” (coined by Brady from Hello Internet and Numberphile), and 4) lack of critical thought around their fandom.

On the more serious side, we discussed briefly the death of comic creator Darwyn Cooke. His loved ones encourage donations to the Canadian Cancer Society and the Hero Initiative, which is dedicated to helping comic creators in need.

This Week:

Duane – Stuff You Missed in History Class (two-parter on Hercules Mulligan in particular); Marathon Man (1976) and the Canon episode on it; Free Comic Book Day @ Bedrock City Comics, Love & Rockets, Mooncop by Tom GauldRachel Rising Vol 1-2 by Terry Moore.

David – Shock Waves podcast (from the hosts of Killer POV); Bloodcast; The Damn Fine Cast

Devan Faraci’s “I am Biased” article.

Opening clip is from Portlandia.

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