I’d Like Some Mutton – S01E19

Watch.Read.Listen.GOTIn this episode of Watch.Read.Listen., David and Duane are are joined by Shoe and Ian for a discussion of Game of Thrones. We focus primarily on the premiere of Season 6, but we also discuss various things from the series. Possible spoilers from the books!!! (Although we don’t really know, because Benioff and Weiss.) Overall, we liked the episode and are excited to see what happens next, although we’re sad Dorne was so wasted. Yeah, we could nitpick everything like Preston Jacobs does (we love your channel, by the way!), but we’re enjoying things so far. We also briefly discuss Batman v Superman because we can’t get away from that.

In our This Week section:

Ian: 10 Cloverfield Lane, trailer for Pyre (by the makers of Bastion and Transistor), Twin Peaks

Shoe: Yellow Brick War series (by Danielle Paige), Deadbeat

Duane’s List of Game of Thrones related stuff:

YouTube – Preston Jacobs (Reddit), Alt-Shift-X (@AltShiftX), Because Geek (Facebook, Happy Cool (@, Buzzed on Books (@buzzed_on_books,) Nerdist,  All Kings Consider (from Nerdist), History of Westeros

Podcasts – History of Westeros (Facebook), A Cast of Kings (Facebook, @ACastOfKings, Boars Gore and Swords (Facebook, @BoarsGoreSwords), Game of Owns (@GameOfOwns, Facebook), Mythical Astronomy of Ice and Fire (blog), Radio Westeros (@RadioWesteros), Storm of Spoilers (@StormOfSpoilers), Cast of Thrones (@CastOfThrones), and (kind of) Close the Door and Come Here (whose name I butchered during the episode)

David – Several things from the lists above…

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  1. Door Podcast says:

    Hey guys,

    I think we probably didn’t talk about all of the reasons the Jaime/Cersei scene was horrible because we’ve beat that horse to death over the course of MANY episodes. But yeah, audible “ews” and “ughs”.

    I am kinda bummed that you didn’t mention our spot-on Prince parody though. 🙁

  2. duane says:

    Thanks for giving the podcast a listen! I think we’re all in agreement that Jaime’s storyline stalled and reversed terribly in Season 5, so I do get your unhappiness with the Jaime / Cersei scene in “The Red Woman.” I have personally liked the differences in Lena Headey’s portrayal of Cersei in the show versus her character in the book, and I think they’ve done a good job of developing her character in the show, so I don’ t agree that she’s out-of-character for the show. I’ll have to go back and listen to the episode for the Prince parody.

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