Henry Bottle Fights the Midnight Machine – The Work of William Browning Spencer – S01E15


WilliamBrowningSpencerIn this episode of Watch.Read.Listen., we discuss the works of one of our favorite authors, William Browning Spencer. Spencer’s work is fairly obscure, but he gives real insight into how we deal with monsters — both inside and out — while balancing on the line between tragedy and comedy (both present in good measure). His work is also to credit for our further enjoyment of the works of H.P. Lovecraft.

In our discussion, we try to keep it relatively spoiler-free. We know a lot of people haven’t read these works, and we want to encourage you to go check them out for yourself. Our discussion sticks primarily with: The Return of Count Electric and Other Stories, Resume With Monsters, Zod Wallop, and Irrational Fears. Neither of us has yet read Spencer’s first novel, Maybe I’ll Call Anna, or his most recent collection of short stories, The Ocean and All Its Devices.

Our This Week section is fairly sparse. Duane mostly just read, but he did see two casually racist and sexist Jerry Lewis movies, The Big Mouth and 3 On the Couch. David watch all of Daredevil Season 2, which we will need to discuss once Duane gets his act together.

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