Fly You Fools! – S01E16


LotRIn this epic-length episode of Watch.Read.Listen. (the first in our Fantasy Month), we discuss Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings films, both in their own right and as adaptations of J.R.R. Tolkien’s novel. This episode can be seen as the first of a two-parter on Jackson’s adaptations of Tolkien’s works as next week we will discuss The Hobbit films. What makes a good adaptation? What effects do the changes made have on the stories?

In our This Week segment:

David focused on rewatching The Lord of the Rings, although he did watch some of the DC animated movies, including Justice League: The Flash Paradox.

Duane read Martian Comics#1-3 (check out the Martian Lit Kickstarter for the next issue, The Canals of Earth); listened to Alice Isn’t Dead, the new podcast from the creators of Welcome to Night Vale; and watched Grace Randolph on Beyond the Trailer attempt to explain away the negativity around Batman v Superman. Both he and his wife watched Deadpool (read Duane’s article “Deadpool v Batman v Superman”) and The Path (new Hulu series with Aaron Paul and Hugh Dancy).

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