Episode 10 – A Tale of Life, A Tale of Death – Pt 1

In this episode of Watch.Read.Listen., we are joined by Shoe to discuss (for lack of a better term) True Crime. For part 1 of this discussion we give our experiences with the genre (also for lack of a better term) and give our recommendations for things to watch, read, and listen to related to True Crime.

This Week:

Shoe: new X-Files, Christopher Moore’s Secondhand Souls , Harry Potter (illustrated editions), Stuff You Missed in History Class, Criminal, Welcome to Night Vale, The Suffers (local Houston band)

Duane: Note to Self (podcast)Zod Wallop by William Brownwing Spencer (Check out his catalog here.)

David: O Brother Where Art Thou?Turbo KidFace Off (Syfy show).

Our recommendations for True Crime things to watch, read, and listen:

Kristina: Watch – Central Park Five, The Jinx, Lost for Life (watch at SnagFilms), Shenandoah, Making a Murderer, Read – (If) I Did It, Body in Question, Listen – Criminal, Serial (Season 1), Sword and Scale

Duane:  Watch – Making a Murderer, Listen –  Criminal, Serial, Undisclosed, Truth and Justice (original the Serial Dynasty)

David: Read – Devil’s Knot, Watch –  the Paradise Lost Trilogy, West of Memphis, The Thin Blue Line, Into the Abyss, Listen – Rise Above (Black Flag)

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