A Tale of Life, A Tale of Death Part 2 – S01E11

In this week’s episode of Watch.Read.Listen., we continue our discussion with Shoe on the effect of media on the criminal justice system. We compare The Jinx and Making a Murderer, how class affects justice, the effect of coercion on finding the truth, and the sad irony of pleading guilty but not guilty (i.e. the Alford Plea). In the end, we wrestle with the question “Does any of this matter, or is it just entertainment?” and maybe come up with an answer.


In the This Week segment:

Shoe: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, The Lizzie Borden Chronicles, Better Call Saul, How to Get Away With Murder, Weezer, and My Chemical Romance.

Duane: The Game of Owns Podcast, Radio Free Tatooine Podcast, Neil Gaiman’s interview with Michael Chabon, and The Shaping of Middle-earth seminar from Mythgard Academy

David: Better Call Saul, The Final Girls (movie), The Gift (movie), Southbound (anthology horror film), and the Orbit Magazine anthology by Rob St. Mary.

Next month (March) will be Creator’s Month, in which we explore the works of some of our favorite creators, starting with director, animator, and Python Terry Gilliam.

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