Episode 5 – Things Get Silly

In the most random episode of Watch.Read.Listen., we start 2016 right as we are joined by David’s best friend Justin K. Goodpasture, who moved from Houston to Seattle relatively recently. In This Week, we discuss how people actually do discuss the weather in real life, how Hugh Jackman makes Wolverine’s overuse not annoying, and how baldness is now a plot twist. In the main bit, we wander through a series of topics as this episode is just friends talking about stuff. Enjoy!

This Week:

Justin’s – Chuck Palahniuk short stories, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Crimson Peak

Duane’s – X-Men: Apocalypse trailer, The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Star Wars Rebels,

David’s – The Projection Booth (podcast)

Topics covered in this podcast of stuff:

Disney V. Tarantino over 70mm of The Hateful 8 -> Daredevil (and Duane’s failure as a nerd to watch things in a timely fashion) -> Jurassic World (and David’s hatred of it) – What’s the message? -> Chris Pratt – Parks and Rec, Guardians of the Galaxy -> Bryce Dallas Howard or Jessica Chastain? -> Batman: Arkham Knights -> Next-gen consoles and Old-gen Windows  -> Music – Miss May I, Bring Me the Horizon, old punk rock is winter music, State of Alert, Grey Matter (Steve Niles) -> Steve Niles comics -> 30 Days of Night -> Twilight (and who threw up that one time?) -> Tolkien, wordiness, and Robin Hood -> Mel Brooks (esp. Robin Hood: Men in Tights) -> Star Wars Holiday Special and Popcorn Poops (and #ShittyStarWars) -> Ingress and Moon Tower Inn -> Terribleness of Working Retail -> #WheresRey -> Listening to podcasts versus music at work

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