Episode 4 – World Building


In this episode of Watch.Read.Listen., we discuss the creation of fictional worlds in movies, comics, books, and even music. In This Week, we wonder how New Zealanders are so good at horror-comedy and how Doctor Who can actually be the star of his own show sometimes. In the main bit, we examine how Marvel (e.g. Iron Man, Captain America: Civil War) does a better job than DC (e.g. Man of Steel, Batman v Superman) at world building both in comics and movies,  Hollywood’s love of bandwagons, and why Tolkien is the master of subcreation.


This Week:

Duane: “Heaven Sent” (Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 11), Popcorn Poops (podcast)

David: Batman: The Dark Knight Saga Deluxe Edition (comic), What We Do in the Shadows (movie)

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