Episode 01 – Influences

In the inaugural episode of Watch.Read.Listen, we discuss: over-analyzing A Song of Ice and Fire, New Zealand comedy-horror, James Bond movies that Duane forgot about, the awesomeness of the comic Preacher, and music by Emery and Faith No More. We then delve into our top ten influences (as of this recording) from the worlds of movies, music, books, and comics, all in no real order and subject to change at a moment’s notice.

Duane’s things from this week: Preston Jacobs’s ASOIAF YouTube, Emery’s You Were Never Alone

David’s things from this week: Deathgasm, Skyfall, Preacher Vol 1, Faith No More’s Sol Invictus

Duane’s Top Ten of right now

10. Chris Claremont, 9. Alfred Bester, 8. Starflyer 59, 7. Time Bandits, 6. Douglas Adams, 5. Star Wars, 4. Monty Python, 3. C.S. Lewis, 2. The Choir, 1. J.R.R. Tolkien

David’s Top Nine of right now (because we can’t count)

9. Marvel Comics, 8. John Carpenter, 7. The Last Starfighter, 6. Good Omens, 5. Star Wars, 4. Monty Python, 3. Neil Gaiman, 2. Horror, 1. The Beatles

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